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Safety Deposit Lockers – Features

Over the years, ISVL has demonstrated Safety, Security & Confidentially through its professional & congenial services.
It has built a reputation among its customers, which is ISVL is synonymous to Trust.

Open 365 Days a Year

The vaults are open 365 days

ISVL is open 365 days a year i.e approximately 3 times the number of banking hours per annum.
Vault Timings

  • Monday to Saturday – 8.30 am to 11.00 pm
  • Sunday & Bank Holidays – 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Infrastructural Security

12 ”- 18” RCC Construction

12 ”- 18” RCC Construction

65 mm Strong Room Door with combination and time locks

65 mm Strong Room Door

Multiple Grill Gates

Multiple Grill Gates

  • The Vaults are built with 18” thick RCC Walls with tang bars (a special kind of reinforcement).
  • The Strong locker room door is 65mm in thickness, stainless steel faced, has dual locking systems with combination locks, and time locks of Swiss make.
  • The Vaults surpass RBI Currency ‘A’ Chest Specifications, which are the highest standards laid down by the RBI, and on par with International standards.

24 Hours Safety & Security

Safety & Security
  • The Vaults are equipped with vibration, sound, smoke and movement detectors of the Godrej and Honeywell, which are one of the finest Electronic Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems in the world.
  • The safe deposit lockers are of ‘Godrej’ make and each safe deposit locker is provided with 1 exclusive sealed Godrej key, which is non-interchangeable and irreplaceable.
  • 24 Hours vigilance is provided by expert security personnel and managed by well-trained vault specialists.
  • Double grill gates of ‘Godrej’ make are also provided for added protection.
  • There is a provision for an additional key hole for Renters Personal Lock for added safety.

Technological Security

Features Security
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Burglar & Fire Alarms
  • In-telli Lights
  • Motion Sensors

Lockers Sizes

  1. Lockers are available in 9 different sizes. For more details on the sizes and different applications of the lockers.
  2. Depth of lockers is standard – 18.5″
  3. One time admission fees applicable
  4. Service tax applicable
  5. Charges differs from location to location

Complete Confidentiality

Complete Confidentiality
  • Simple procedures for booking of new lockers, Minimal formalities
  • Only a single person is allowed access in a single bay.
  • Every time a customer accesses the vault, a separate access slip is recorded. Therefore, a customer accessing their locker after another customer is not aware who has already accessed the vault.

Thoughtful Conveniences

Provision of an inspection room

Provision of an inspection room

Ample Parking

Ample Parking

Push button bells

Push Button Bells In each Bay

  • The Vaults are housed in a centrally air-conditioned area for a dust-free environment and magnetic field free zone to prevent important data, documents, floppies, etc. from getting damaged.
  • Separate inspection rooms are provided, offering complete privacy.
  • Push button bells are provided in each bay for service without leaving the bay.
  • Ample parking space

Financial Features

Financial Features
  • Available in three easy options: 1 year, 3 years & 5 years.
  • An ISVL customer can upgrade his locker, for eg. “A” Type to “D” Type, any time during his tenure by paying the difference in the fees applicable, at that time. There will be no deduction from his earlier payment for surrender of the earlier locker and the customer will only pay the admission charges for the new locker.
  • If an ISVL customer decides to surrender his/her locker for any reason, then the customer receives a reimbursement of the advance rental, which is due to him/her after a deduction of 20% from the advance rental receivable by him/her.
  • ISVL does not seek Deposits.
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